Malayali baby boy names starting with A

Here is a list of Malayali baby boy names starting with A. We have listed boy names starting with A on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

Malayali Baby Boy Names Starting with- A

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Name Gender Meaning
Adesh boy Message; Order; Command
Aadi boyImportant; First
Aakash boy The sky; Vast like the sky
AlakboyWorld; Beautiful Tresses
Ashish boy Blessing
Abhi boy Fearless
Abhijeet boy Victorious; One who has been/has conquered
Abhilash boy Wish; Desire
Abhinav boy An act; Quite New; Brand New
Abhishek boy Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity
Abimanyu boy The son of Arjuna
Ajay boy Unconquered; Invincible
Ajit boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Ajeet boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Amalboy Bright; Clean; Pure; Unblemished
Aakaash boy Sky
Akhil boy Complete; Entire; Earth; World
Akhilesh boy Lord and Master; Lord of the universe;
Akshay boy Immortal; Everlasting; Indestructible
Akshya boy lmmortal; God
Alok boy Aalok Brightness; Light; Cry of victory;
Aman boy Peace; The one who is peaceful
Ambar boy Sky
Amish boy Pure; Honest
Amit boy Limitless; Endless
Amitabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless;
Amitaabh boy Unlimited; One with boundless splendour;
Anbu boy Love; Kindness
Anek boy Many
Anil boy God of Wind
Anit boy Joyful Unending
Anuj boy Younger Brother
Anup boy Talent; Glory; Extreme Large;
Arha boy Lord Shiva
Arja boy Divine
Amshu boy Atom
Anadi boy Eternal
Anang boy Name of Cupid or Kamadeva
Arjun boy Pandava Prince; Bright; Peacock
Arnav boy Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean
Aryan boy Son of Arya
Ashit boy The Planet
Asiya boy One who Tends to the Weak and Heals