Bengali baby girl names starting with H

Here is a list of Bengali baby girl names starting with H. We have listed girl names starting with H on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Bengali Baby Girl Names

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Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting with- H

Name Gender Meaning
Himani girlGlacier; Goddess Parvati, Ice fall
Haimainti girl Hemanta season
Heti girl Sun Ray
Hamsa girl Swan Hamsavahini
Heena girl Mehendi
Hemal girl Golden
Hessa girl Destiny
Hilla girl Timid
Hinda girl Female Deer
Hitee girl Love and Care
Hanita girl One who Rides a Swan; Saraswathi
Harita girl Green
Harshi girl Joyous
Hayaam girl Deliriously in Love
Hradha girl Lake
Haima girl Goddess Parvati; Snow
Hansuja girl Laxmi
Haimavati girl Parvati, Lord Shiva's Wife
Haimi girl Golden
Haiya girl Heart
Hajra girl Bossy
Haleema girl Gentle, Patient
Hameeda girl Praiseworthy
Hamsini girl Who Rides A Swan, Saraswathi
Hana girl Happiness
Hanan girl Mercy
Haneefa girl True Believer
Hanika girl Swan
Hanit girl Spade
Hardini girl Near Of Hart
Harijatha girl Fair Haired
Harley girl Lanky Cow
Harshada girl Giver Of Joy

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these bengali baby girl names are