Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Here is a list of Bengali baby boy names starting with I. We have listed boy names starting with I on this page. If we have omitted any names that you know of please send it to us with its meaning.

These names have been taken from secondary sources and could be wrongly projected, therefore please recheck with friends and your family members before naming your child.

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Bengali Baby Boy Names

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Bengali Baby Boy Names Starting with- I

Name Gender Meaning
Indra boyLeader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and sky
Indrajit boyConqueror of Indra
Indranil boyAnother Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone
Indrashish; Indrashisboy Blessing from Indra (King of gods)
Ishwar boyGod; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva
Ikshu boySugarcane
Inesh boyKing of Kings
Ishwar boyGod; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva
Izhar boySubmission
Iniyan boySweetie
Iravan boyKing of Ocean
Ilesh boyLord of Earth
Inesh boyKing of Kings
Ishan boyThe Lord; Sun
Iswar boyPowerful; The Supreme God
Ilango boyChera Prince who Wrote Tamil Masterpiece Silappadhikaram
Iniyan boySweetie
Ishayu boyFull of Strength
Indumal boyLord Shiva
Indukant boyMoonstone
Indradatt boyGift of Indra
Isaiarasu boyKing of Music

Please comment on the above names. Please point out any errors & also please tell us how common / unique these bengali baby boy names are