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Dear friends, we have been flooded with queries on free vedic astrology services. As a result we are now starting a free vedic astro prediction section. Please fill in the form below for an answer to any astrology and horoscope related concerns.

Our free vedic astrology predictions are based on the Indian vedic astrology system. These personal vedic astrology readings for the year 2024 will be as per your request. We can provide you with free vedic astrology reading according to the hindu vedic astrology and this vedic astrological prediction will be in english. Our site will mail you the free vedic astrology prediction through email. Welcome to this free vedic astrology site for online vedic astrology predictions for 2024.


Vijay Sasane

I am a 5th Generation Astrologer Continuing the Vidya and Serving people for helping everyone to know about their Past, Present and Future. Educating them through Consulting about the Benefic Planets and Malefic planets in their Horoscope and how they can Strengthen and take maximum benefits of Good planets in their horoscope and how to protect from Bad planets and their positions.

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