Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 Predictions

Sagittarius Horoscope December 2017

Sagittarius Monthly Astrology

Stay calm and composed through the month as there may be a tendency to keep thinking negatively. Besides, unfavourable planetary positions in your sign might make you forgetful, or prone to making mistakes. The first week of the month, Your domination may hurt someone close to you. Venus will act as a soothing influence on you, on the first week of the month. Donít act hastily and think before indulging into any action. Refrain from any major financial transcations and donít sign any legal document or deals. Besides, you must need to check on your expenditures and emotions. Professionals will have a smooth flow of orders. With busy schedule ahead, watch your routine and find time for rest and exercise. Take care of health and follow a proper diet plan. Since your own Sign is indicative of ailments or injuries. There may be some trouble brewing on the family circles. Be gentle and handle the elderly with care.

Favourable dates:
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 Yearly Prediction

The entire year will be a challenging time for you. Things are to movingfavorably for you, but at a snailís pace. This may be annoying, butpatience is the key to success. Saving more money will be your priority. But,the presence of Saturn will trigger you to handle matters related to finance much cautiously. You will be planning your finances with a long term perspective and make emergency fund for contingency. Movement of Mars through Capricorn can lead to unexpected and unwanted expenses. You need to carefully plan well enough prior to taking a decision about major financial involvement. Family issues and disturbance will keep you bothering you. However, the transit of Venus from August can bring new relationship. Handle the relationship with opposite sex much tact and diligently. You are to have a pleasant and enjoyable time with near ones in a relationship. Jupiter making move into your sign around the beginning of November is to raise hopes about better times. On an overall perspective, the entire year seems to present kind of mixed results.


Presence of Saturn will impart you a lesson also handling matters related to finance. You will face hurdles and obstacles in your path. The fact that Mars will be moving into Capricorn will only add to your woes. Maintain a monetary reserve for emergency like situations. Retrograde Mars moving through the second house in your sign seems vital for managing the finances. Consequently, you are likely to take important financial decisions in haste or driven without much planning. Avoid taking important financial decisions during this phase.


Businessmen may not enjoy a smooth journey. They may get a good opportunity to promote business, but they need exercise caution, before entering into a deal or agreement. But the planet Mars will provide you the optional opportunity to boost your growth and prospects. However, you should think well about the check and balance before using the opportunity in your favour. This is important if you want to avoid new problems or complications. If you avoid doing this, it may cause you problems. It is an important point and you should keep this in mind.


The fifth house relates to basic education, but there is no favorable aspect over the fifth house at the beginning of the year. Strong determination and self-motivation alone can save the students to emerge successful in academics. Student pursuing graduation may feel like cutting short studies and go for some kind of professional course to in order to earn more money. But students doing post-graduation in science or technology are to remain engrossed in studies and they could be making progress in their studies.


Professionals and career-minded professionals are likely to see better times during the year ahead. Workplace comforts might move up your spirits. You could be entrusted with some kind of important tasks and should carry out the tasks which you get in the best possible manner. You need to gather all your talents and skills. On being successful in the projects and tasks, job holders will be moved to a higher position or grade. This up gradation might keep you in high spirit. Itís going to make you happy and give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Love life

Mars holds the portfolio of the fifth house which is linked with love and intimate relationship. In the beginning of the year, Mars is positioned in its other sign. Besides Venus, the planet of love is the mode of combust in the beginning.All these planetary locations will not support singles to advance their love and intimacy. However, combust Venus is not averse to enjoying the pleasures of physical intimacy. Venus will become visible on the horizon from the last week of February. Then, singles who are committed in love relationship can go ahead and get into a committed relationship. Further, really favourable time for love and sex commences from around the second week of August.


Singles aspiring to get married will have to wait till Venus becomes visible on the horizon.From around the last of February, Venus comes out from state of combustion. Now the time is good and supportive for single to get married. Couples eager to have a child may need medical advice for bearing a child.Theperiod from the mid of August looks encouraging, for bringing a baby to the family.The more favourable time arrives when Jupiter shifting to your sign, from around mid of November is to further help cause of couple desiring a child. Supportive energies of Jupiter are here to support the marriage, harmony in marital life.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 Yearly Prediction

Some challenges may be blocking your way, as the year begins. Let it all settle. Stay open and flexible. Matters related to occupation and personal life may come under the scanner. Saturn posited in your Sign aspects the 7th House (relating to day to day activities) and the 10th House (concerned with occupation/Karma). This indicates hurdles, especially in day to day activities and relationship battles. On being busier managing these trifles, you may not have much time left for planning and starting any development-oriented activities. If this state of affairs continues, your long term prospects may get affected. Well, this is a yearlong trend, and you will have to brace yourselves to emerge triumphant out of this.

Ones in regular employments will have challenging time. Your equation with your boss as well as seniors may suffer. Even though, you will be motivated to perform efficiently, your boss/ management may seem to be on a fault finding mission. This will make you anxious and tense. Well, try to ignore this, as it is hardly your fault. If you answer back, troubles will zoom. Donít take anything to your heart.


Financial stars shine brightly as the year 2017 begins for you. Thank Lord Jupiter for his support, which He extends from the 11th House from your Sign for a major part of the year. Also, your Finance House (Capricorn) ruler Saturn is placed in your Sign for the entire year. This may not be favourable on other aspects, but it surely will keep your financial position solid and strong. You will have good savings and security, and this will keep you on a stable ground. Opportunities to earn extra may come your way, and you will take them up, even at the cost of ignoring your personal life. With enough funds at your disposal, it will be a good idea to invest money productively. If you intend to buy a residential place, planets seem supportive on this count.


Some challenging times linger on the horizon for business persons, this year. Centre and collect all your abilities to beat the stars to their own game, motivates. Keep yourself in a good mood, fit and raring to go, and you will be miles ahead in your arena. Take care of the ones who matter. Donít be scared to take some efficient workers under your wings, and be a mentor to them. Delegate your major work to them, so your mind and time are freer to accommodate pressing issues and strategizing activities. Plan exhaustively for the future growth. You will get some windows of encouraging opportunities, but you must be equipped to handle them. Do not over commit, on any account. Disturbances in routine activity can delay supplies.

Education :

Influence of Jupiter aids students pursuing graduation. Around the last quarter of year, however, you may face distractions and confusions. Some study time may be lost too. Ones in higher education will need to rely on guidance from a senior, in order to make satisfactory progress.


A noteworthy change in career path is likely for you this year. Rahu in 10th house from your Sign till May shall keep you uncertain about your job and profession. If you choose a new career, you will be confused till that time. If you are fresh in the job market, looking for a suitable opportunity, good news comes your way now. Time period from mid-Marchtill the end of April will be supportive for freshers, in this regard. Ones already in jobs shall get good opportunities to showcase their talents and inherent abilities. However, you need to be prepared to accept new challenges. A true Sagittarian is never shy of charting new territories! Your committed efforts will bring you gains and praises. However, ensure that you take good care of your appearance and grooming, as you may have the tendency to neglect these aspects, under Saturnís influence.

Love Life :

Itís a good year to fall for someone. But, you may not be very serious about this crush. Overall, great time for singles looking for pleasures of skin. You will get chances to meet new people, provided you go out. Free yourself from work pressures and socialize. Flings, flirtations and social events will keep you on your toes. You must also work at enhancing your looks, as this will bring you even more popularity.

Saturn in your Sign may make you somewhat serious and staid. To some people, this may be a welcome change in you, and thatís why they may get attracted to you. An old friend/ co-worker of yours may surprise you, when he/ she confesses of having fallen for your charms. However, be careful, if you are not much into this person, and donít harbor intentions of a long term bond. Things may be different at their end, as they may have fallen in love with you. Ones who do not plan to go out looking for love may not have much luck, as the world wonít come searching for you this year. You may receive a proposal or intention of interest, though.

Marriage And Children :

Venus affects and influences your relationshipsí domain. Good news this year comes from Jupiter, whose great cohesive remains present in the 11th House (concerned with general relationships) for a good part of the year 2017. This will help you hold on to old and existing relationships, and will also aide fostering of new relationships. These equations may be of all sorts, emotional ones or social and professional ones.

Be careful, when and if you enter into a new friendship or relationship, during the retrogression period of Venus. Same goes for re-kindling old, earlier severed relationships. Donít be too trusting, and certainly not too soon. Do not lean over a person, beyond a point. Professionals will have a challenging time in maintaining compatibility at workplace. Your immediate boss may constantly be in a hurry. Disturbances in routine matters may hamper your mood. Avoid sounding argumentative, even when you do your bit to explain delays.

Personal and Confidential

Position and movement of benefics shall encourage you to get into new relationships. When dear Venus is facilitator, you shall see life in different shades and colours. Ripples of emotions shall stir your heart. Against your natural trait, there shall be some moments when you shall feel like keeping your thoughts and emotions close to your heart. Issues in personal life, especially soem tricky issues about your career, are best kept confidential.

However, if you happen to be in pain about something, itís best to share it with someone trustworthy. This will heal you. And, this person may even have some useful suggestions to help you handle a tricky confidential issue. Jupiter posited in the 11th House from your Sign will work as a cohesive force, helping maintain peace and harmony in existing relationships.

Health Ė Dental caries and toothaches can trouble you this year. Take care of your oral hygiene, or you may have to deal with major issues like gingivitis or gum swelling. Ones using braces must remain doubly careful. Some of you may also plan to go for orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry procedures. Just go to a trusted dentist. Joint pains, aches etc. may assail you too. Guard against calcium deficiencies.

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Characteristics of Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius + 12 Moon signs

9-1 Aries/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces the ultimate in energy and pioneering spirit. You are apt to work hard for the common good so long as it advances your own personal ambitions and satisfies your desire to be in the forefront of the action. You are defiant and extremely self-confident. You are sure of your manner and consequently, you handle people with the greatest of natural ease. You love to assume responsibility and you'll move in and take over wherever you can. This placement blends the sincerity, directness of manner, expressiveness and versatility of Sagittarius with the assertiveness, personal ambition and enthusiastic spirit of Aries. Excitement, adventure, advancement are what you want. Sometimes your aggressive temperament can get in your way. Restless, impulsive or precipitant in action, you can benefit in overcoming excitability and the decisions made quickly. You need to be more deliberate and avoid being in too much of a hurry which can lead to carelessness at times. Test ideas and plans before putting them into action. You have strong ideals and high principles with intense convictions. You are flexible in your thinking and you're capable of changing your mind with just as much speed as you made it up in the beginning. You are a leader and things move rapidly when you are in charge. A natural executive, you are never afraid to make a decision. Moderation is the key to your success.

9-2 Taurus/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a rather warm, genial, and romantic individual. You are very idealistic. Almost to the extent that your ideology absorbs practical purposes. You are aspiring rather than ambitious, and you generally look for idealistic rather than realistic satisfactions in life. You never seem to be particularly concerned about everyday matters, such a making a living, working under the assumption that your needs will somehow be provided for, and usually they are. You really have too much faith in people. Most of time people do respond to you as you had hoped and expected they would. When they don't, however, you really let it get under your skin and bog you down. You have so many dreams and illusions, but you really let it get you down when people are ugly or unkind, and the harsh realities of your environment start to close in on you. You can't seem to handle criticism or put downs well. Your highly romantic nature is ardent, impulsive, loyal and devoted.

9-3 Gemini/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is by no means shy, timid or backward. You will step to the front when the call for leadership is made. You are a very adventurous person, both physically and mentally, never satisfied to stand still in either sense. Because you are naturally lucky in a financial way, you are never really very concerned about security. You know how to sell yourself and achieve a good deal of popular prestige. You are apt to see a lot of life before you eventually decide to settle down. Variety, travel, changes, mental stimulation, and a wide range of personalities around you are all needed to busy your extremely restless nature. Stability is your challenge; staying with a project, a cause, or even a person sometimes, can be a really hard task for you. Concentrating your efforts in one focused direction can be your weakness. Nonetheless, your broad range of interests and your enthusiasm will allow you to continue to be effective in working on a lot of things and making continuous progress on all of them. Pettiness is something you have difficulty understanding and of which your are never guilty. Everything you do is above board and rendered in a grand fashion. You rarely exercise caution or care, never one to shy away from taking a risk, so long as there is a reasonable change things will work out. You want to get to the top and you very well may be guided by a mixture of idealism, faith in yourself, and cool, practical good sense. Yours is a high spirit and a good grasp of reality.

9-4 Cancer/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign yields a personality that is idealistic and very much the romanticist. You are a dreamer and a visionary. This versatile and sensitive combination blends the sincerity, optimism, enthusiasm and expressiveness of Sagittarius with the emotional depth, feeling and intuitive insight of Cancer. A desire to learn, with practical ability, suggests a flexible, versatile or adaptable expression of talent. An intuitive foresight guides you and may keep you out of trouble in everyday affairs. An emotional awareness enables you to understand people, and know what it is they want. In business, you can actually sense the public trend or interests. An optimistic and enthusiastic nature vitalizes your feelings and emotions, and stimulates your actions. Because of your emotional nature you are prone to extremes. Control your excitement and enthusiasm. Don't let emotions distort reason as they are apt to do. You can be somewhat impulsive in expression of your feelings or sympathies, and consequently, your choice of friends is sometimes based on how you feel rather what you know about an individual. You do better when you are more careful and chose friends from those who have proven to be reliable, honest and intelligent. Because of the nature of your Sun and Moon polarity, it is likely that emotional extremes or a tendency toward sensationalism can be a problem for you. You may often attempt to reach too high or strive for too much recognition. You succeed most easily when you combine your intuitive skills and develop a habit of steady concentration.

9-5 Leo/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a very warm-hearted, honest, and open personality. The pairing blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of Sagittarius, with the warmth, generosity, pride, and authoritativeness of Leo. You have a love of mankind and a code that combines good judgment with a very tolerant attitude. This combination is very dedicated; dedicated to honour, prestige, and achieving stature in the world. And to attain your goals, you are not one to take shortcuts; not one to lie, to cheat, or to do anything underhanded in order to gain an advantage. Honor is all important and your word is an unbreakable bond. The fiery combination of these two signs doesn't need any unfair advantages to succeed because there is more than enough energy and enthusiasm to get where you want to be. You'll keep pursuing your goals long after others have thrown in the towel. When you go after something, you go after it tooth and nail. Any obstacle you face is considered only a temporary problem and little gets you down for long. This is a very positive combination, quite indicative of happiness and success. If you can avoid scattering your energies, you can move mountains. You are naturally inclined toward public service, either in law, education, or government. The prestige of the position being more important than the salary. This is a high-minded combination, full of ideas and ideals. You may have problems dealing with the small people of the world that refuse to grow and progress. You are intellectually philosophic, broad-minded, and highly creative. Your creativity is in the ability to form an image in your mind and then bring to reality that clear picture you envisioned. You take life seriously, with a keen sense of the importance of making the most of it. Unless something is really messed up in your chart, you are truly a super person.

9-6 Virgo/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a good deal of intellectual power, and with it, the ability to bring generalizations down to details and specific plans. This position blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of manner of Sagittarius, with the intelligence, analytical insight and discrimination of Virgo. Consequently, this combination produces a lot of achievers and outstanding people. You have an excellent mind, capable of handling broad concepts and minute details with equal ability. Your well-developed mental powers permit you to move from broad concepts down to technical details assuring versatility and adaptability in business or in a profession. Realism tinged with a critical analysis, romanticism without being too impractical, these are your gifts. You see clearly without the help of rose-colored glasses, and you relate what you see and know with honesty and and a well-defined authority. No one has to guess where you stand on any issue. Thinkers that dwell on issues that are philosophically practical are always in demand. You can be pushy, but not to the extent that you offend. Rather, your manner can be described as diplomatic and charming, but still there is the authority of a director or tutor. It's sometimes necessary to guard against a tendency to be somewhat impulsive. You are at your best when you don't rush things or allow yourself to be pressured.

9-7 Libra/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a purveyor of harmony and peace. Blended are the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm and directness of manner of Sagittarius, and the tact, personal charm and friendliness of Libra. Both signs are independent, but in neither is the tendency toward perseverance very strong. Shortcomings in this regard are well compensated by the fact that you have a great deal of confidence in yourself and which you can effectively reflect in your dealings with others, and a very good understanding of people in general. Good will, a cheerful nature, and a sincere concern for friends and family are at the core of this combination. You excel at avoiding an argument, and when one does break out you take on the role of the mediator. You may even sacrifice winning your point to maintain the peace. You aren't so open-minded that your brains fall out, but you are one of the most tolerant people you know. Much more intellectual than emotional, little seems to get under your skin and you slip through life pretty much a free spirit. While you have a strong sense of pride and won't tolerate anything that degrades or people that try to make you feel inferior, you are not overly ambitious. Regardless of what you achieve in life, you will probably feel content. This is not to say that you stand still. In fact, you are probably in perpetual motion, but the motion is not headed in any special direction most of the time. Success can come in business simply because you have such sound reasoning abilities, accurate perceptions, strong powers of comparison and balanced judgment. You know how to eliminate extremes and excesses. Social life and friends are extremely important to you, both in a personal sense and because success and advancement are tied up somewhat with friends and contacts. The impression you can make is your most important asset.

9-8 Scorpio/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces much self-reliance, and a life that develops very rapidly in the early years. You know what you want and you know how to achieve your ends; a true go-getter. Blended are the well-developed capacity for judgment and wisdom innate in Sagittarius, and the Scorpio's knack for throwing everything into a project and fighting until the battle is won. Thus, it is easy to see why you can accomplish so much when you set your mind to it. Optimism and determination; a truly hard combination to defeat. Your nature is subtle and clever, as well, making you good at strategy in handling affairs in business or in the professions. The challenge of this position is handling people with tact and diplomacy, controlling temperament, and avoiding too direct or too blunt of an approach. You have to avoid conflict to really succeed. Your mind is quick and the ability to think on your feet is really superb, but all of this quickness is wasted if you are too impetuous. You have a lot of emotional energy, which when under the control and direction of your will and your mind, gives the force to achieve very high objectives in life. Actually, there is a good bit of sensitivity in your nature, and much of your aggressiveness is a defense that instinctively attacks. Your attacks are aimed right at the most vulnerable spot in what you say or do. You need to concentrate on listening to the opinions of others, and control your emotional reactions, allowing them to work for you.

9-9 Sagittarius/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces an explosive personality that is always on the go and very much involved. Mentally and physically you are a hair-trigger and rapid-fire type. You're quick to play your hunches, and these impulses are generally fairly sound. Your nervous energy is so high you require frequent periods of rest and relaxation to avoid mental fatigue. You accept a lot of responsibility because you don't like to see things half done or poorly managed. You think in large terms, and people with pessimistic attitude turn you off. You can even get down on yourself if you don't feel you're living up to your potential. You see things in abstract ideals and you live by your stern judgments, expecting others to likewise conform to your standards. You are not necessarily devoid of emotions, but you're a little short on human sensitivities. You have a dramatic way of stating your views, sometimes bordering on a sort of pomp and circumstance. As serious as you are, your actions are often more reactions, based on a solid core of common sense and your idealistic views. There is much indication of leadership in this placement, and when others don't adhere to your lead, you are very quick to express your righteous indignation. There seems to be an impersonal detachment to your nature that relates on principle and ideals rather than specific situations and individual problems.

9-10 Capricorn/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a vigorous thinker who is capable of rising to a high position through the strength and originality of mind and expression. We probably don't have to worry too much about your self-esteem; it is naturally strong and a key feature of your success. This is a very practical and executive combination. It blends the personal dash, optimism, enthusiasm, foresight, and directness of manner common with Sagittarius, and the ambition, shrewdness, realism and practicability of Capricorn. This is great for dealing in business affairs. Mental prudence or instinctive cautiousness enable you to keep expansive plans or ideas on a practical or realistic basis. Good foresight lets you chart the way things turn out and intuitively understand the future course of business. Viewed as practical, realistic and ambitious, you garner a good deal of responsibility. Personal integrity is a strong point in your nature and this help you build a flawless reputation. While the Capricorn Moon will never let you lose sight of your goals, the Sagittarius Sun want more than just power and is ever seeking happiness and personal satisfaction in the job well done. While its almost certain business will be the center of your attention, other interests will be important, as well. Cultural associations such as music and art can have decided appeal. You are highly executive, and definitely an executive with outstanding balance.

9-11 Aquarius/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a personality that is independent, idealistic, romantic and highly expressive. The pairing provides the dash, optimism, enthusiasm and foresight of Sagittarius combined with the originality and independence of Aquarius. You have a great sense of timing and persuasive abilities which enables you to inspire and move people, whether the topic you are expounding on is profound or merely chatter. You have a dramatic way of putting things that gets your point across with emphasis. You easily become a crusader for any cause that you take up, whether it be broad or petty. You generalize and provide a constant stream of philosophic reasons to justify whatever moods, actions, or ideals that may have grabbed your immediate attention. You are extremely trustworthy and people find you so, and put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Because you can manage popular feelings, you are generally capable of getting what you want out of life. Dramatic and artistry are your forte. You have an excellent sense of what people what to hear and see. Assuming a leadership role is natural for you. Even if you are not in a leadership role, you are usually able to pull people together, and because you are so socially aware, you seem to always do or say the right thing. You are truly interested in people and you have a great intuitive insight to understanding a broad range of individuals. You may be very well suited for work in politics, public, civic or community service, or in organizations or movements.

9-12 Pisces/Sagittarius Horoscope

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a nature with much scope and depth. Your love of mankind is genuine and deep-rooted, and you are always looking for a cause to which you can devote your time and effort. You respond to people in such an understanding and broad-minded way. Tolerance is so pronounced in your nature that it can sometimes be to your detriment; you can actually be understanding when you should be putting your foot down. Most of the time, however, you have such great powers of insight and of recognizing the truth. You live in a world of ideals and are not greatly interested in things on the material plane. You are not one to blow your own horn, in fact, it would almost seem you possess a true sense of humility of spirit. Emotionally, you are impressionable and romantic, and you can be imposed upon by individuals who play on your general sympathetic approach. You are forgiving, incapable of holding a grudge, and utterly free of meanness, spite, jealousy, or vengefulness. Perhaps you aren't practical minded, but you do know your own worth and you can succeed in your own way at whatever you do. Success may depend upon overcoming restlessness and perhaps a tendency to worry too much. You underestimate your own abilities, to keep in the background of affairs or lack somewhat in self-confidence. You dislike petty details and boring routine, but at the same time you can gain most in developing concentration and in focusing your energies on definite objectives.

Sagittarius compatibility with Other Signs

9-1 Sagittarius compatibility with Aries

Sagittarius and Aries? Fire and Fire? Do you, by any chance, feel like you were in a tournament? Sagittarius sees things from a higher level, (s)he likes exploring and for this reason, an Aries will always help him/her start wonderful things. It's a kind of love at first sight in which two sparks meet and dream, in a second, of a completely different future.There is a fascinating energy here that could take you out of time and could lead you to a special incandescence, emotionally or mentally - not as overwhelming as a Leo's, but explosive enough, tending to burn down very quickly though!

9-2Sagittarius compatibility with Taurus

Sagittarius and Taurus? Fire and Earth? My God, what an adventure and what luxury! On the other hand, what a change!A Taurus native likes living in comfort, having all (s)he needs and enjoying life while a Sagittarius native likes taking risks to feel the excitement to the full. It's true that Sagittarius would like moving around a little while Taurus would appreciate a cozy, protective place after wandering for a long time. Especially when she is a Sagittarius and he is a Taurus! A sort of long-distance faithfulness appears and, paradoxically, it always brings fresh air to the relationship.

9-3 Sagittarius compatibility with Gemini

Sagittarius and Gemini? Fire and Water?Isn't it as the wind blows? Yes, it is! Isn't the Air the one keeping the fire burning? Doesn't the absence of Air put out any Fire? The whole thing is for a favorable wind to blow in the right direction so that the Fire continues to burn constantly and completely! Even if the Air is "the Little One" (Mercury) and the Fire "the Big One" (Jupiter). Yes, a Sagittarius-Gemini relationship relies on words and mental complementary universes but, if you don't avoid shallowness (characteristic of the Gemini), you could become two completely parallel universes before you know it!

9-4 Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer

Sagittarius, suffering from affective generosity by any chance? It would be good if you wondered sometimes, in order to avoid sufferance caused by strong emotions. The Sagittarius-Cancer couple can make some sentimental mistakes precisely due to the profound love they are capable of. This is why their common lesson is the sense of measure. Because Cancer is extremely sensitive and sympathetic, and Sagittarius is extremely overwhelming and protective, they often end up sparing each other of the possible sufferings, convinced that this way they avoid hurting their feelings.

9-5 Sagittarius compatibility with Leo

Hard to believe, but that's the way it is! Sagittarius wants to save everything, Leo wants to spend everything! Sagittarius always reflects him/herself, Leo always looks for everything for him/herself! Leo builds his/her own royalty, Sagittarius follows a metaphysical or spiritual royalty when (s)he crosses the barriers of a more elevated mental universe of Water signs (that are preoccupied with rather earthly issues). If general aspects support their capacity of highlighting what they have best, the Sagittarius-Leo couple is most often a special, even excellent combination.

9-6 Sagittarius compatibility with Virgo

A very interesting, exciting but risky combination. Fire can burn away the drainage of the Earth and Earth can diminish the flames of a possible Fire. Both Sagittarius and Virgo are mental signs in the true sense of the word and they also have a common tendency towards the religious aspects of life. But Virgo can often suffer because of Sagittarius' lack of responsibility when it comes to lasting feelings while Sagittarius can hardly stand Virgo's spirit of sacrifice and unconditioned commitment to sometimes lost causes.

9-7 Sagittarius compatibility with Libra

How much love and romanticism, what a beautiful experience in the eyes of the world, lived voluptuously and with the conviction that, through them, the affective tragedy of the world will have a turning point and everybody will suddenly become noble and better! Sagittarius and Libra can live exceptional love stories every minute and they can easily discuss about what is right and wrong in this life!How much order they dream of bringing into the human condition and how much credit they take to themselves for the new aesthetic direction of the times they live!

9-8 Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio

Sagittarius and Scorpio? The abyss of passion or the intensity of sublimation? Don't you find it extremely exciting for a Mars sign and a Jupiter one to enter the game of love? Sagittarius likes feeling safe and as hidden as possible in order to live the affective and erotic union with extreme voluptuousness. (S)He aspires either to become dependent on the person (s)he loves through possessive attachment or to sublimate his/her harsh side in an elevated and sublime relationship.

9-9 Sagittarius compatibility with Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Sagittarius: can two swords fit in the same scabbard? They say that, in such cases, the two are too similar not to contradict and different enough not to get bored with each other. The solution is for a more "earthly" Sagittarius (whose guiding quality is more developed) to find a more "metaphysical" Sagittarius (whose theoretical side is more active), so that the one capable of putting things into practice to be able to help the one able to think.

9-10 Sagittarius compatibility with Capricorn

Sagittarius and Capricorn. Very different and still very similar! Do you find such a couple weird? Do you think it's impossible for an eternal fire of great human affective values to burn on the high Olympus? Think of the equilibrium a mature and responsible Capricorn can offer a Sagittarius, and of the joy and optimism a warm, brave and lively Sagittarius can bring to a Capricorn! What a special sense of measure appears when the principle of expansion (Jupiter) meets the principle of contradiction (Saturn)! What a sense of humor a Capricorn can prove and how temperate the adventurer Sagittarius can become!

9-11 Sagittarius compatibility with Aquarius

Sagittarius and Aquarius: a quite interesting combination! Sagittarius is interested in his/her personal freedom and in the permanent adventure of life; Aquarius is interested in the welfare of the human kind and in the freedom of the human being in general. If Sagittarius and Aquarius meet on these positions, the planet and the human kind will have a safe future, because it will make both of them so fervent that few minds will have such moments of foreseeing and intellectual prophecy.

9-12 Sagittarius compatibility with Pisces

Sagittarius and Pisces? Compassion or boldness? Well, you should know that there is love out of compassion, and this is only because Pisces' great and sensitive heart is ready to sacrifice for the happiness of a Sagittarius that aspires to discovering the fundamental truths of the human existence. This is what Pisces dreams of: for someone to find some help in the sacrifice (s)he is willing to make for a great love, because this is his/her nature, to bring the other one to an equal level and then hug him/her along with the cause that (s)he is embracing.

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