Mobile Utilities

Here listed out Free Popular Mobile Utilities Applications. You can download these application by clicking the download button.


This is a very useful software in the event your phone gets lost. The androidtheft app turn on the GPS tracking device on the phone and gives a location of the phone. You can even activate the phones camera to take images to help you track the handset. AndroidtheftDownload

Wi-Fi Finder:

This is an absolute prerequisite for travelers. Wi-Fi Finder is a directory of paid and free Wi-Fi hotspots in over 280,000 locations in 140 countries. You can obtain your results by providing your location (like city , restaurant, office and so on). i-Fi FinderDownload

Analytics App:

A very useful app when it comes to your google analytics data.  You can check everything from reports to specific data. Its neat interface is very easy to navigate. Analytics AppDownload


If you have the need to access your PC directly from your handset this might be the ideal software for you. It brings remote PC access to your phone. It enables you to check mails, search for files, run programs, view documents etc. SoonrDownload


Incase you have deleted files or need to retrieve files after formatting your phone this software can be used to retrieve them. RestorationDownload

Google Maps:

useful when you are traveling. You can use these maps and find your way through remote places. You can download this app from Google MapsDownload