India Pakistan History

Timeline leading to Partition


The India Act: power transferred to British Government.


First Partition of Bengal for administrative purposes. Gives the Muslims a majority in that state.


All India Muslim League founded to promote Muslim political interests.


Revocation of Partition of Bengal. Creates anti-British and anti-Hindu sentiments among Muslims as they lose their majority in East Bengal.

Karach-Theatre 1917, Pakistan


Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms (implemented in 1921). Communal representation institutionalized for the first time as reserved legislative seats are allocated for significant minorities.


Dr. Allama Iqbal, a poet-politician, calls for a separate homeland for the Muslims at the Allahabad session of the Muslim League.


Irwin-Gandhi Pact, which concedes to Gandhi's demands at the Round Table conferences and further isolates Muslim League from the Congress and the British.


Jinnah calls for establishment of Pakistan in an independent and partitioned India.

Lahore 1864, Pakistan


Muslim League gains more power: ministries formed in Sind, Bengal and North-West Frontier Province and greater influence in the Punjab.


Gandhi released from prison. Unsuccessful Gandhi-Jinnah talks, but Muslims see this as an acknowledgment that Jinnah represents all Indian Muslims.


Muslim League participates in Interim Government that is set up according to the Cabinet Mission Plan.

Karachi 1917, Pakistan


Announcement of Lord Mountbatten's plan for partition of India, 3 June. Partition of India and Pakistan, 15 August. Radcliffe Award of boundaries of the nations, 16 August.