Happy Deepavali Card

  This maroon coloured flash greeting card will make the ladies remember their favourite part in Diwali celebration that is the beautiful Rangoli. Usually rangoli is made to welcome the visiting members to the house; the rangoli has such a great importance that in India the elders would not allow to even walk over it. Rangoli should be drawn in front of the house on a daily basis traditionally, but on the festive occasion it has a very different importance.

  Like during evening time or at the time of lighting up of a diya in front of god the elders say that this is the time when goddess lakshmi arrives to our house so go and get ready. On Diwali evening goddess Lakshmi and Kuber are worshipped, so actual importance of arrival of goddess lakshmi doubles. To welcome the goddess, rangoli is decorated with lots of colours, flowers and mainly diyas.

  This flash card just makes anyone to remember all these significance, first the red coloured background of the card gives a traditional effect, second the diyas and flowers decorated in the form of OM which is usually included in making festive Rangolis gives a traditional effect and also the message on the card comes up with Diwali wishes. This card is the best one to send to the elderly and seek their blessing online.

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