Diwali Fireworks Card

  Diwali is known as the Festival of Lights. Diwali is associated with lights and fireworks. As, it is celebrated on the new-moon or dark night, lights and fireworks have a significant role to play in the festival. Multicolored fireworks light up the night sky accross India on this day. Fireworks play a significant role in increasing the charm of Diwali among all age-groups. In our small have depicted the joy of the fireworks in our firworks diwali card for you to send as a reminder to your loved one's.

  Diwali is known for crackers, we Indians fire crackers after performing the Lakshmi Puja. Firing crackers marks the start of Diwali celebrations. This one is the perfect card to greet the younger ones; the kids will love this card. This is flash card along with cracker music playing. The crackers play a significant role to add more charm on Diwali evening, as the day is new moon the sky is illuminated with colourful crackers.

  The Diwali environment becomes more festive with lots of light decoration, Diyas, Rangolis and obviously the crackers which are available in different forms now, rather than in previous days the Anars, Rockets, Sparklers, Ground Discs and mostly the skylights were the regular crackers. Now these crackers are available in various colours and forms. Almost all the age groups are fond of crackers now, as now the crackers are also available with sound proof.

  The Crackers card is perfect greeting for the cracker lovers, to wish your near and dear ones on this Diwali send an E-Cracker card. Make your Diwali celebrations online along with the crackers. If you are out of country you can surely celebrate Diwali this way. Our designing team has developed this card with many efforts to make it look like a perfect festive greeting for your loved ones.

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