Belated Diwali E-Card

Have you been busy during Diwali celebrations and forgot to send even Diwali wishes to your loved ones? And now missing all those moments?.

The Diyas decoration, the rangoli at the main entrance of the house, the crackers and beautiful, illuminating darker sky full of Crackers.

If your beloved companion is upset, this card is the best one to send Belated Diwali wishes, as it has all the Diwali stuffs which you and your companion have missed. Those who searching for a Belated Diwali wish card can select this one to send.

This flash card has beautiful background music also, the yellow coloured main entrance of the house and blue coloured balcony view of the darker Diwali night adds more freshness to the card.

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We have a new collection of Printable cards. Now you can send printable 1/2 fold cards for your loved ones. To send a printed card, simply select any printable card, click on the button "Click for Printable Version". Use the browser's Print command and set the printer's setting to Landscape Layout(Horizontal). Once you have the printout, fold at the middle. Cut off any extra portions from the top and bottom. Now You have Your Printable Card ready to express your feelings. The best paper to use for our 1/2 fold greeting cards is the heavy card paper found in stores.
You can also Print Your Message Inside the Card in Your Desired Format. For printing your message, insert the page in such a manner that the upturned card design side goes in first into the printer.

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