Master your memory with this new book

Updated on : Jul 08,2018   3:40 pm

New Delhi, July 8 (IANS) Living in an age of information abundance where ones mind is constantly engulfed with text messages and social media alerts, retaining important information in accessible corners of the mind can often be more difficult than perceived.

What gives way to forgetfulness and why is it that our memory fails us when we sometimes seem to need it the most?

Answering these along with throwing light on a host of several other important facets around memory is "The Ultimate Guide to Master your Memory" (Rupa Publications/161 pages/ Rs 195) by World Memory Sports Council for India President, Jayasimha Ravirala.

A book that gives tricks and tips for a better memory, it "goes against the common practice of remembering by repetition and writing down everything that needs to be remembered" and, as the author highlights in the Preface, it "equip(s) the reader with the tools, techniques and skills required to remember more, faster, for long and with least effort".

One of India's leading trainers in memory and soft skills, the author shows to the readers how to "organise our mind, exercise it and ensure that it starts thinking along a specific pattern".

The book opens with the principles of memory and then goes on to offer several methods by which one can retain more and for a longer period of time.

It features chapters on overcoming absent-mindedness and erasing bad memories as well.

The book also features techniques that are used by contestants in memory championships.