Eddie Murphy to star in 'Twins' sequel, says Schwarzenegger

Updated on : Mar 14,2018   4:16 pm

Los Angeles, March 14 (IANS) Eddie Murphy has joined the cast of the "Twins" sequel, confirms actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger revealed this during a panel discussion at South by Southwest when he confirmed that Murphy, 56, was set for the long awaited sequel titled "Triplets", reports deadline.com.

He said the film's script is finished. He also spoke on the physical differences between the three triplets in the movie, saying that it is about "Funny thing that happens in the mixing of the sperm".

The original 1988 film, which was directed and produced by Ivan Reitman, saw Schwarzenegger, 70, and Danny DeVito, 73, starring as twins Julius and Vincent Benedict, who were separated at birth.

Schwarzenegger opened up about the idea of Murphy joining the cast in the past, and said that it was something everyone was on board with.

"Eddie is hilarious. We've met several times, and I think we all want to do it, but some things take time to get off the ground," he said.