BJP 'match fixing' with NPP in Meghalaya elections: Congress

Updated on : Feb 15,2018   11:42 pm

Shillong, Feb 15 (IANS) Meghalaya's ruling Congress on Thursday accused the BJP of "match fixing" with the National People's Party (NPP), while terming the United Democratic Party (UDP)its "side player" for the February 27 assembly polls.

Ridiculing the BJP's vision document for Meghalaya polls released by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the Congress said the BJP is "nationally known now for selling dreams, making false promises and betraying the mandate and people".

"Even if there are protestation or denials by (NPP President) Conrad Sangma or the UDP, the BJP that they are contesting separately, I will say they have not mastered the art of doublespeak to that extent that they can befool the people because they are part of North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA)," senior Congress leader Anand Sharma told journalists.

Accusing the NPP and UDP of being funded by the BJP, he said: "I say it with full sense of responsibility that you can check what are their sources of funding and you will find eventually the path leading to Guwahati (the main city in BJP-ruled Assam) and they are getting ample funding from the BJP."

"Rage against us by political parties two regional parties - the NPP, the UDP and the BJP - BJP is a non-serious participant because their shadows are contesting. What we are seeing here is match fixing between NPP and the BJP and UDP is a side player," said the former Union Minister.

Recalling that Sangma was supported by the BJP during the Tura Lok Sabha by-election, Sharma appealed to the voters to be aware of the sinister plot and not to be misled by those who are claiming that they will be able to accelerate development.

On BJP's vision document, he said: "They (BJP) have promised the sun, the moon and the stars, but we have no quarrel.. they can promise more because they are nationally known now for selling dreams, making false promises and betraying the mandate and people."