Vishwas quits 'responsibility' as AAP's overseas fundraiser

Updated on : Jun 10,2017   9:52 pm

New Delhi, June 10 (IANS) Senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas on Saturday said he had sought to relinquish the "responsibility" of being the main overseas fundraiser for AAP, and his request has been accepted.

Denying any rumour of being sacked from the post, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said he was not looking after fund-raising affairs for the last one-and-a-half years but his name was there as main overseas fundraiser for the party.

"I never tried to know about the funds nor do I want to know. Other party colleagues were looking after fund-raising affairs so I requested the party leadership to allow me to leave this responsibility so that I could focus more on the additional responsibility of Rajasthan," Vishwas told reporters here, on the sidelines of a meeting with party workers from Rajasthan.

"The National Executive of the party accepted my request and I thank the NE for that," Vishwas said.

Reacting on the development, suspended AAP leader Kapil Mishra said that the poet-turned-politician quit the 'responsibility' as AAP's overseas fundraiser because "neither was he being informed where the funds are coming from, nor was he told where the funds were being spent. Most of the funds were being spent in cash".

"He (Vishwas) left the post because he was not getting answers about questions related to accounts of spending in Punjab poll campaign, cash transactions without receipt," Mishra said in a tweet.

Vishwas was last month made Rajasthan in-charge of the AAP after he threatened to quit the party over attacks on him by suspended legislator Amanatullah Khan, who called him a "BJP agent".

Khan had alleged that Vishwas was conspiring to break the party and plotting a coup against Kejriwal at the behest of the BJP and RSS. He was later suspended from the party's Political Affairs Committee (PAC).

The AAP had also formed a three-member committee of party leaders Pankaj Gupta, Atishi Marlena and Ashutosh to determine why Khan made the allegations against Vishwas.