Don't lose heart, keep fighting: Kejriwal tells AAP volunteers

Updated on : Mar 18,2017   9:22 pm

New Delhi, March 18 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday asked AAP volunteers not to lose heart after the Punjab and Goa election results, and to be ready for the April 22 municipal corporation elections in the national capital.

In a live social media interaction with Aam Aadmi Party volunteers, Kejriwal said the party struggle will continue.

"You are fighting this battle while walking on the path of truth. All corrupt forces of the country are pitted against you," Kejriwal said.

"There will be times when results will be against your expectations; but don't forget that in the end, truth triumphs."

Kejriwal said the Goa and Punjab results were a temporary setback and that victory was assured in the end because the AAP volunteers were "fighting selflessly for the right cause".

Urging them to give their best to bring the AAP in power in the three municipal corporations, the AAP leader said it was the only way to set things right in the civic bodies currently ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

"Delhi is the national capital and yet there is so much garbage and stench here."

"We tried our best to work with the municipal corporations. We gave them as much money as they wanted, but nothing worked. Now, I ask you to work hard to bring the AAP in power in the municipal corporations," the AAP leader said.

Kejriwal said the government will spend as much money as needed to clean the city and bring honest governance to the civic bodies.

"Today, people talk about turning Delhi into Paris. But we will transform Delhi to an extent that people will talk about turning Paris into Delhi," he said.

"Apart from cleaning the city and uprooting corruption, we also want to bring 'swaraj' in the municipal corporations so that money is spent on works that people want taken up in their localities," the AAP supremo said.

Kejriwal asked Punjab volunteers to force newly elected Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh to fulfil all his poll promises. He said by indulging in honest politics, the AAP was forcing other parties to change their politics as well.

"Today, Amarinder is talking about not using red beacons on vehicles and passing the Jan Lokpal Bill. This is the AAP impact."

The AAP bagged 18 seats in the 117-member Punjab assembly while it failed to open its account in Goa.