Rossdale never thought he would get divorced from Stefani

Updated on : Mar 03,2017   5:20 am

Los Angeles, March 3 (IANS) Musician Gavin Rossdale says he never thought he would get divorced from singer Gwen Stefani.

Rossdale finalised his divorce from Stefani - with whom he shares three sons - Kingston (10), Zuma (8), and Apollo (3) - in April 2016. He has come out of it with a positive outlook on life, reports

"Who knew that was possible? There's been a lot of pain and sadness. It really teaches you perspective on life. It's really health, happiness and safety. After that, I don't know what there is other than that," Rossdale said.

The singer says the split from his wife of 13 years was unexpected and not something he ever planned for.

He said: "We're all products of nuclear families. My parents have been married three times each. I'm just a junior. I never thought I would get divorced. But it just happens. All these life things."

On the work front, he is coming out with a new album "Black and White Rainbows" on March 10.