Kalasapakkam Assembly Election 2016

Current Trend

Kalasapakkam legislative assembly election 2016 seat will witness a straight fight between DMK & AIADMK. Other parties that may influence the voters are BJP, BSP, INC and IJK.

In the last parliamentary elections in 2014, this assembly segment had given the AIADMK candidate R. Vanaroja a good lead of around 211563 votes. However, the situation in 2016 assembly election is completely different from the general election of 2014.

Banking on the anti-incumbency factor of the ruling AIADMK, the DMK has made significant impact on the voters of this constituency, the AIADMK is holding on to its ground with its slew of welfare schemes.

It is difficult predict the outcome of the polls for which primarily large scale industries labourers and agriculture related voters will decide the verdict.

KalasapakkamAssembly Election Candidates List and Results

Name of the Candidate Party Name Results
Panneerselvam V AIADMK 59002
Kumar G INC 34993
Sakthivel S BSP -
Lakshmanan K IND -
Kalidass R PMK -
Nehru M DMDK -
Balaji .E Naam Tamilar Katchi -
Pradeeshkumar R IJK -
Pradeeshkumar R IJK -
Rajkumar E IND -
Rajaprabu P IND -
Murugan M IND -
Panneerselvam V IND -
Panneerselvam B IND -
Palani N IND -
Kumar S IND -
Gunasekaran M IND -
Murugadass K IJK -

Electoral History and Background

In the 2011 assembly elections the AIADMK party under the leadership of won this constituency with 91833 votes. Defeating the Indian National Congress by a huge margin. The DMK party has won this constituency six times in the previous assembly elections. The AIADMK party also won this constituency during the previous assembly elections of 2006.

This constituency is situated in the district of tiruvanamalai, it is on the river bed on cheyyar. It is one of the oldest towns of North Arcot district. The principal occupation of this town is agriculture.