Catch The Taste

Catch The Taste
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  This Recipe book is about fishing and fish recipes. Written in a conversational style, it is full of anecdotes and humour.

Catch The Taste include recipes on varied types of fish like Rohu, Katla, Prawns and Crab. You can find Rohu Fish Recipe, Grilled Fish Recipe, Cat Fish Recipe, Tuna Fish Recipe, Fish And Chips Recipe, Fish Sauce Recipe, Fried Fish Recipe, Fish Batter Recipe and lots more easy Fish Recipes.

Some innovations like Fish Noodles, Fish Dosa, Fish Burger and Fish Pizza are also included.

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Book Name Catch The Taste
Author Name Ishrat Akhter
Unit 1 Pcs
Price Rs. 200

Book Extract

  "Apart from the above sources another source of fish were the dozen odd small ponds we had. After the rains had fully subsided, the water from these ponds was manually removed. It would take a day or two to have this done and I would always be sent to watch. An open-mouthed tin would be tied with ropes - four in number, two each on two opposite sides. Then two people standing on adjacent banks of a corner of the pond and each holding the ropes of one side would together synchronise and pull out the water and throw the water on the outerside of the pond. The tin would repeatedly be thrown into the water and the ropes pulled bringing the tin forward with a thrust thus throwing the water out. A net would be placed where the water fell so that the fish that came along would be caught in the net. After all the water had been thus emptied, the men descended into the mud and caught the fish with their hands."

Recipe : Coconut Fish
Fish: Best, Hilsa and Prawns. Any other sea fish.

Fish cut into pieces and fried (In case it is prawn that too must be fried) ½ Kg fried
Onion 2 (big) sliced thinly
Red chilli powder or paste 1 tsp
Coconut milk 1/4 medium sized coconut
Oil, Salt and Turmeric powder.

Put in enough oil in a kadai so as to fry the onions well (around a quarter teacup). When the onion are fried and start appearing slightly crisp (the onions should not be browned) add the chilli, and a little turmeric and salt, and fry for a while.

Then add 1/2 a cup water and break the onions a little and lower the heat. When the oil floats add the coconut milk. Bring to boil and lower heat, add the fish and simmer. (You can add more water to the coconut milk if you want more gravy or let the water in the coconut milk dry a little for a thicker gravy. I will recommend the thicker gravy). When the oil floats and you have the required amount of gravy, taste the salt and remove from heat.

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