How to select your mobile phone

How to select your mobile phones Mobile phones are major upshot of technical advancement all over the world. Mobile phone technology has considerably improved the life of common man. Many people across the world believe that this technical device is vital part of their life.

This device has become a necessity to lead professional and social life. Today people frequently use mobile phones for communication and business operations. Especially, teenagers and youths are more frequent user of mobile for communication, instant messaging and for educational purposes.

Therefore good selection of these phones is essential to get real benefits of this technological device.

Many mobile companies offer attractive mobile phones with range of features but customer must consider certain points while purchasing this gadget.

First of all user must decide the purpose of buying mobile phones because in today’s life style, use of mobile phones are not confined to communicate with families and friends. It is used for plenty of activities such chatting, Email, games, manage daily schedule, music, web browsing etc.

So it is necessary to assess what features on mobile will be suitable and serve the purpose of the user; for example, whether user needs feature phone, Smartphone or the Super phone.

Buyer must do survey and compare prices of different brands of mobile phones available in market and then make budget for it according to their pocket.

Reputed mobile brands are Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, Apple etc can only be considered, while planning to purchase mobile phones.

Style, Features and Performance are the three major factors that must be checked while selecting the mobile phone. Customers are advised to check whether they are comfortable to use the gadget before buying it.

There are different styles of reputed mobile phones available in market such as bar phones, flip phones, sliding phones, touch phones. Users must have to check as to which style of phone will be comfortable for them.

Bar phones can easy to be handled and most users prefer these mobile phones. But these phones have major problem of accidental dialling and users have to lock the keypad after using.

If a person has to use mobile more frequently then it is advisable to purchase flip phones. For touch phones, an array of models is available in mobile shops.

Another factor is to check features in the mobile phones. If customer needs features like playing games, listening music, video calling, E mail and internet facility then they can choose smart phones.

Lastly, it is important to check performance while selecting phones for personal or professional use.

Users must check voice quality, network connectivity, applications in the device, picture quality and how much time mobile takes to start, battery life etc.

It is necessary to gather information about RAM size, type of processor, storage memory capacity and operating system used in the mobile phone.  After considering all these features, customer can select user friendly mobile phones.

- Ragini Sinha