Healing Effects Of Cabbage

cabbageCabbage is one of the cruciferous cousins in the vegetable family. The therapeutic values of cabbage are:

  1. Choline content helps to maintain the neurotransmitters that support memory.
  2. Photochemical are believed to help impede the production of cancer cells, as well as decrease inflammation. Studies show cabbage is a cancer fighter, especially for stomach, colon and breast cancers.
  3. Cabbage can prevent the active oxidation and cell aging as well as increase immunity ability, prevent arteriosclerosis. More leaves and more tender, the anti oxidation of cabbage is stronger.
  4. Raw cabbage has also been reported to be helpful remedy for the treatment of ulcers. It cleans and cures old ulcers as it contains the anti- ulcer factor Vitamin U.
  5. The cabbage is used widely; it not only can be eaten, but have the function of beautification. The leaves of cabbage can absorb the aging substances on skin and improve the blood circulation.
  6. Application of cabbage leaves reduces swelling, cures painful eczema.
  7. Raw cabbage provides the roughage which peristaltic movements. It therefore helps to treat constipation. The juice of the cabbage softens the belly and makes one go to stool.
  8. Cabbage juice mixed with honey makes syrup that heals hoarseness and coughing.
  9. Vitamin C content provides strength to the blood vessels.