Healing Effects Of Papaya

papayaPapaya is a very wholesome fruit. All parts of the tree have medicinal value. Papaya to is a very affordable fruit and is available all the year round. It is also easy to grow in your backyard. Recently it has been found that the juice of the deviened papaya leaves are of great use in raising your palatelet levels, which go down drastically in fevers due to dengue and chikungunya. Its easy and has given good reports. Just a teaspoon of the freshly extracted juice about 3 times a day is enough. The results are fast too.

Its therapeutically values are:

  1. Papaya helps to prevent blindness caused by vitamin A deficiency, which is quite common among a large number of children in India.
  2. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme, which is an excellent aid to digestion. It is present in all parts of the tree and fruit which help to digest the protein in food. It is similar to pepsin in its digestive action and is capable of digestive protein that is 200 times its own weight. It helps the body's own digestive enzymes assimilate the maximum nutrients of the fruit. Papaya has the property of tenderizing meat which is often coocked togheter with raw papaya pieces to make it tender and digestible.
  3. The juice of raw papaya containing papain has anti helminthic properties against round worms. Papaya seeds contain a substance called carpaine which is also useful in expulsion of these worms. Its juice may be given with honey for this purpose.
  4. Regular consumption of ripe papaya cures habitual constipation, bleeding piles and chronic diarrhea.
  5. Unripe papaya helps in contraction of muscle fiber of the womb and is thus beneficial in securing proper menstrual flow.