Healing Effects Of Orange

Orange is the most popular of citrus fruits, widely available. It is an alkaline-reacting fruit. Oranges can be eaten by pealing or also in juice form. The juice form is also beneficial as it is a rich source of vitamin C. Children who are prone to morning colds are recommended to take the juice on a daily basis.

Its therapeutic values are:

  1. The vitamin C content in orange promotes the absorption of dietary calcium and iron.
  2. It prevents scurvy, rickets and helps growth.
  3. Oranges are known to prevent frequent attacks of common cold, influenza and bleeding tendencies.
  4. Orange juice is ideal in fevers like typhoid, tuberculosis and measles. It gives energy, increases urinary output and promotes body resistance against infection, thereby hastening recovery.
  5. It stimulates flow of digestive juices thus improving digestion and increase in appetite.
  6. Acidosis can be best neutralized by orange intake.