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Tara Reid (born November 8, 1975, Wyckoff, New Jersey) is an American actress and model who has starred in films such as American Pie (1999) and Dr. T & the Women. In 2005, she played the lead in videogame adaptation Alone in the Dark.

She is of Irish, English, Hungarian, French, and Italian descent. Reid began her career at the age of six in 1982 on the short-lived game show Child's Play. As a child she had roles in a number of commercials for McDonald's, Crayola, and Jell-O.

Reid spent the late 1990s appearing more often on the cover of tabloid magazines than on screen. Her extroverted social life soon gave her a reputation as a party girl � in fact, U.S. magazine In Touch recently voted Reid "top party animal". Although her breakthrough role was in American Pie in 1999, followers of the 1998 cult film The Big Lebowski already knew her as Bunny Lebowski. She has appeared as J.D.'s (Zach Braff) unfaithful girlfriend in the NBC comedy Scrubs.

On the night of Thursday November 4, 2004, Reid was embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction at a highly publicized photo shoot at P. Diddy's thirty-fifth birthday party at Cipriani's Restaurant in New York when her dress fell, exposing her left breast. Scar tissue was visible around Reid's nipple, confirming rumors of breast implants.

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