Kim's bodyguard filed for bankruptcy before her Paris robbery

Updated on : Oct 06,2016   12:56 pm

Paris, Oct 6 (IANS) Kim Kardashian's bodyguard Pascal Duvier had reportedly filed for bankruptcy for his German security company ProtectSecurity ten weeks ago before the reality TV star was robbed in a Paris hotel room.

The company has reportedly racked up over $1.12 million in debt. Duvier lodged a claim for company insolvency at Heidelberg administrative court on July 22.

"There is so much debt. There are many claimants. I cannot say the exact number. Lots. It was known to me that Herr Duvier is the bodyguard of Frau Kardashian," the insolvency lawyer on the case told

The clients of Duvier's security company also include Kanye West and Black Eyed Peas, Stacy Ferguson,, Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Lana del Rey and Katy Perry.

Duvier was last seen at his company building in Eppelheim in recent weeks. A woman who runs a hairdressing salon across the street, said: "He came here with his secretary but didn't stay long. Since then the blinds have been down and there has not been a soul here."

Duvier has removed every mention about Kim on his social media account, including photographs and all references to him working for her, but he is not fired.

Kim, 35, was ambushed in a Paris hotel room in the early hours of Monday. She was bound, gagged and thrown into a bathtub by masked gunmen dressed as French police.

According to varied media reports, the robbers reportedly took jewellery worth over six million euros, among other items.