Hugh Jackman finds Mexico City's best tacos

Updated on : Oct 10,2015   11:12 pm

Mexico City, Oct 10 (IANS/EFE) Australian actor Hugh Jackman, currently in Mexico City promoting his latest film "Pan", finally had his dream of savouring the best tacos in the capital come true after asking for advice from his followers on social media.

"Best tacos in La Marquesa, Mex!!! Gracias ladies (sic)," he posted on his Instagram account together with a photo showing him smilingly giving a thumbs-up, accompanied by one of the cooks at the spot where he tasted this Mexican delicacy.

La Marquesa is a recreational area alongside the Mexico City-Toluca highway with no end of eateries and street vendors offering native fare.

Also part of the story is another cook who also appears in the photo but who, however, totally ignores the popular actor and continues to knead the corn flour to make the tortilla to make the taco.

The shot has won 79,000 likes and 1,396 comments on Instagram.

On his Facebook account, the actor's image piled up 581,000 likes, while on Twitter his post got 1.8 million likes and almost 800 retweets.

With this shot, Jackman closed an episode that had social networks fired up after the actor posted a video asking Mexicans to tell him where to find the best tacos in the capital.

"OK, we're in Mexico City and we're looking for street tacos. It's very early in the morning. Not so early, 10:30 a.m. Recommendations: the best street tacos in Mexico City, por favor," the actor said.