Egyptian dancer, singer in trouble for 'obscene acts'

Updated on : Jul 28,2015   8:12 pm

Cairo, 28 July (AKI) An Egyptian belly dancer and a singer are in prison awaiting to trial on charges of "inciting obscenity, spreading depravity and shameful acts", the Arabic Youm7 website reported on Tuesday.

The belly dancer, Bardis, and the singer, Shakira, were arrested after video clips featuring the women wearing skimpy dresses and girating their hips were posted to the internet, Youm7 said.

The women are being held in Qanatir jail outside Cairo pending their first trial hearing, due to be held on Thursday.

"Why me, why don't they arrest the many other dancers in this country?" Youm7 quoted Bardis as saying as prison warders handed her a white prison uniform.

In April, an Armenian belly dancer, Sofinar Gourian, was jailed for six months after she performed wearing a red, white and black costume - the colours of the Egyptian flag.