PM still in election mode, says Congress on Modi ad

Updated on : May 26,2015   7:28 pm

New Delhi, May 26 (IANS) The Congress on Tuesday slammed Narendra Modi, accusing him of being "still in election mode" and of writing "vague things" as the prime minister listed his government's achievements, via newspaper ads, on completion of one year in office.

"I don't think these advertisements are justified simply because this government has failed to keep its word on many issues. Be it the issue of black money or farmers' suicides, this government in the last one year has not fulfilled the promises it made before the elections," Congress leader Raashid Alvi told IANS.

"The fact that they lost the Delhi election is proof of how angry the people are with the BJP," Alvi said.

Another party leader Shakeel Ahmad, speaking in the same vein, told IANS: "He (Modi) has written all vague things in the letter. It looks like our prime minister is still in the election campaign mode.

"I want to request him that since the prime minister's post is of very high stature, the truth must be spoken sometimes."

Modi, in his message in the form of a letter to the people, said he has devoted "every moment of every day, and every element of my body and spirit" in the past year in fulfilling his responsibilities as the 'Pradhan Sevak' or prime servant of the people.

Besides the letter, Modi also marked his first year in office by launching a special anniversary section of his website.

In the letter, Modi said his BJP-led NDA government assumed office at a time when "confidence in the India story was waning" and "unabated corruption and indecisiveness had paralysed the government". All this coupled with "ever climbing inflation and economic insecurity".

"Urgent and decisive action was needed", he said, adding that his government went about addressing the challenges "systematically".

He enumerated the achievements of his government, saying it controlled the runaway prices, rejuvenated the languishing economy and replaced "discretionary allotment" of precious resources "to a chosen few" with transparent auctions.

"Firm steps were taken against black money, from setting up a SIT and passing a stringent black money law, to generating international consciousness against the same".

Modi said "uncompromising adherence to the principle of purity, in action as well as intent, ensured a corruption free government. Significant changes have been brought about in work culture, nurturing a combination of empathy as well as professionalism, systems as well as breaking of silos.

"State governments have been made equal partners in the quest for national development, building on the spirit of Team India."

"Most importantly, we have been able to restore trust in the government," he said.

He said his government, guided by the principle of Antyodya, was paying attention to the poor, marginalised sections and those left behind.

Modi enumerated government schemes - from building school toilets to setting up of IITs, providing vaccination cover to children and the Swachh Bharat mission, from universalisation of the banking service to irrigating fields and rejuvenating the Ganga river, and connecting the northeast region, among other achievements.

He said this was just the beginning and the government's objective was to transform the quality of life, infrastructure and services.