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  Corelle is the one of the top brands manufacturing good quality of Dinner Sets, Corelle Livingware is example for the same. This dinner set is made up of a unique material called Vitrelle, for longer durability and it has a unique sandwich construction which bonds together the three layers of special glass materials.

  Hence, making this dinner set light in weight which resists breaking, cracking, chipping, and permanent staining. Corelle Dinner set is designed for easy handling and compact storage especially if your kitchen is for limited storage, it fits aptly and efficiently. This dinner set is microwave safe, where you can reheat the food in microwave oven.

Most of the Corelle dinnerware are designed and developed specially for the Asian Market, although the basic glass is manufactured in USA, but the Asian designs are applied at the World kitchen's Malaysia decorating plant. The special method used to apply the patterns into the base glass, hence making the designs long lasting and would not fade even after years of use. Corelle Dinnerware is available in various shapes and patterns and can be purchased in sets or piece, as per the requirement.

  Corelle Livingware Dinner Set consists of

    20 - pieces, with
  • 6 - Small Plates
  • 1 - Litre Serving Bowl
  • 6 - Dinner Plate
  • 6 - Veg Dessert Bowl
  • 1 - Curry Bowl

Buy Corelle Livingware Dinner Set Online India

Item Name Corelle Livingware Dinner Set
Unit 20 Pcs Set
Price Rs. 5103