BSNL hopes to reduce unpaid dues through recovery drive

BSNL hopes to reduce unpaid dues through recovery drive Kolkata: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is making progress in bringing down its unpaid dues through an ongoing nationwide recovery drive, an official said here on Tuesday.

According to officials of Calcutta Telephones, the recovery drive till March 31 had so far contributed substantially to the circle's earnings, at a time when revenues are under pressure due to falling tariffs

"We have had a positive result from the recovery drive in two years. In the landline and broadband segments, we have seen recoveries of around 40 per cent and 36 per cent respectively. The scheme will run for another month. We are hopeful of further recoveries," Calcutta Telephones BSNL General Manager (Finance) Shamendra Kujur said.

In the current fiscal, Calcutta Telephones is expecting to touch revenues between Rs 510 crore and Rs 550 crore, while losses are pegged at a level close to last year's Rs 332 crore.

BSNL has been following a slab-like structure where landline and broadband consumers are offered discounts ranging between 10-50 per cent depending upon the duration of the outstanding bill ranging from one year to five years.

Calcutta Telephones Chief General Manager S.P. Tripathi said despite pressure on revenue, he expects next fiscal (2018-19) to be "much better" for the company as the tariff war gradually settles

BSNL unveiled new plans starting from Rs 99 for 26 days and Rs 319 for 90 days with unlimited voice calls with roaming, except in Delhi and Mumbai.

At Rs 999, the company will offer unlimited calls and 1GB/day high-speed data for 181 days.

Calcutta Telephones is also hopeful of staring 4G services from March.

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BSNL hopes to reduce unpaid dues through recovery drive

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