India - Pakistan Relations

India - Pakistan relationship is a 'Seesaw Game' with peace and conflict as its two poles. An extreme fluctuation in relationship between the two countries is frequently seen since their emergence in 1947.

As a result, India Pakistan relationship is anything but simple. It is characterized by periodic ups and downs and intermittent breakdowns; sometimes it swings to the extreme end, verging to an all-out war and then at times a great camaraderie is witnessed between the two.

What is seen in the Indo Pak relationship is the cycle of peace and conflict repeating in phases? The governments of both the countries invariably return to negotiation after a protracted phase of conflict and after peace process outliving its life span, the agenda of conflict once again dominates the India Pakistan relationship. However, the silver lining in the tormented relationship is that the disruption in dialogue is never permanent.

India Pakistan RelationThere have been a number of opportunities when India and Pakistan may have capitalized on the peace dialogues and could have built a deeper relationship between them, but all such chances invariably have been fritted away by the two nuclear-armed rivals

Even though there is a consensus that normalization of relationship holds a greater benefit for both the countries, it's the old issues of conflict that are; Kashmir, terrorism, nuclear arms, land boundary disputes that pose challenge to both the countries. The uncertainty in India Pakistan relationship has a telling impact on the future of regional stability that remains critical as well.

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Pakistan summons Indian envoy over cross-border firing

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Islamabad, Jan 21 (IANS) Pakistan on Sunday again summoned Indian Deputy High Commissioner J.P. Singh to condemn "unprovoked ceasefire violations" by India along the Line of Control, which it said had killed two civilians and injured three others. View More..

UN sanctions monitoring team due in Islamabad next week

    Updated On : Jan 21,2018   11:12 am
Islamabad, Jan 21 (IANS) The United Nations Security Councils sanctions monitoring team will visit Islamabad on a two-day trip starting next Thursday for an assessment of Pakistans compliance with the world bodys sanctions regime. View More..

Five killed after gunmen storm luxury hotel in Kabul

    Updated On : Jan 21,2018   10:52 am
Kabul, Jan 21 (IANS) At least five people have been killed and six others injured in an attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul after it was stormed by militants, officials said on Sunday. View More..

Relative calm on J&K borders after two days of firing

    Updated On : Jan 21,2018   9:38 am
Jammu, Jan 21 (IANS) After two days of heavy firing across the border with Pakistan, it was a comparatively calmer night for thousands of border residents in the Jammu region on Sunday. View More..