Latest Film Reviews

Here is a set of reviews of films that we got to see. We have a very honest and unbiased review of each film we personally see. As a result sometimes we miss out on movies but we would rather be honest with you. Hope you like our short and to the point reviews. Please share this page of your favourite social media if you like our reviews.

Review of SANJU

SANJU is wonderfully a different film and not so much a love story between girl and boy but between father and son. Raj Kumar Hirani has tackled a complex subject of a living star quite deftly. He has avoided much of the media hype on Sanjay Dutt's love lives and focused on the biggest story of his life - The TADA. It does not even touch upon a lot of stuff that people already know like his affair with Madhuri or his love for his Mother even. The full focus is on one friend and his father Sunil Dutt. Ranbir has done a wonderful job and it is heartening to know that the film has crossed the 100 Crore mark in 3 days.

Review of RAAZI

Raazi is a movie to go at any price. Alia Bhatt is simply amazing and you do not miss a male star at all. A touching tale of a Non professional spy. We do not wish to tell you much as we would rather you go to the theaters. Its good to see Alia's mom Soni Razdan after a long hiatus. She is an amazing actor but has nothing much to do in this film. Every character in this film is well played and etched out to suit the story. This is a human story that does not glorify the life of a spy instead it focuses on teh turmoil that a spy often goes through and the sacrifices s/he has to do. The bidai song stuck on to some of us.

Film Review of RAID

Loved the measured tempo of the film. Ajay Devgun excels in controlled performances. Eleana looks her part and manages not to distract with a subdued performance and dressing/makeup. Must watch for people who like to see a story in a film. Donít miss it on TV if you have not seen it in the hall. We are all praises for Mr Shukhla who has again come center stage after jolly LLB.

Film Review of PADMAN

Watched it on tv as was not sure about how embarrassing the film would be. Need not have worried, it was less embarrassing than Toilet ek kahani and more effective to boot. Akhshay has found meaning to his cinema at last. We like it!


Its all graphics and granduer with a a somewhat simple storyline. Some new characters are introduced but the story does not charm as did Wonder Woman and Black Panther. We saw in IMax and enjoyed the film but there was not much to take back. Some were disaapaointed with the hype of Spiderman's performance. Good but Oversold!

Justice league

Another good film from the fraternity. If you have seen the earlier films and liked them you will like this one too.


A very neat and clean film with no grime, dirt and sleaze, which is very unlike most crime thrillers we get to see. Very well made and Sonakshi manages to underplay.

Golmaal Again

Go with your young kids, they will love it. Ajay as Gopal is adorable in their eyes. As a bonus you get to just enjoy and relax.

Secret Superstar

Loved every bit of the film. A must watch for everyone. Great performances in a simple story and setup.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

Simple film. See it on TV as it is out of theaters. Some people in our team liked it. Some found is just too plain. Take your call!