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Gwen Renee Stefani (born October 3, 1969) is an American singer and actress, and is the frontwoman of the ska/rock band No Doubt. Stefani first experienced mainstream success with the release of No Doubt's 1995 album Tragic Kingdom, which spawned hits such as "Just a Girl", "Spiderwebs", and "Don't Speak".

Follow-up albums did not match the sales of Tragic Kingdom, but were successful on different levels of popularity and genre.

In 2004, Gwen Stefani wrote and recorded her first solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby., for which she consulted producers The Neptunes, singer-songwriter Linda Perry and OutKast frontman Andr� 3000, among others.

The album contained pop music and dance music tracks, including hip hop and slow jam-influences. The third single "Hollaback Girl" was a very successful international

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Gwen Stefani News

Marriage can wait for Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

    Updated On : Mar 28,2017   2:28 pm
Los Angeles, March 28 (IANS) Singers Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not rushing into a marriage yet as they are happy dating. View More..

Gwen Stefani wants to adopt a girl

    Updated On : Mar 21,2017   2:22 pm
Los Angeles, March 21 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani, who has been dating crooner Blake Shelton, is reportedly planning to adopt a girl. View More..

Gwen Stefani nervous about working with Blake Shelton

    Updated On : Mar 13,2017   1:14 pm
Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani says she was nervous about working with her beau Blake Shelton in the singing reality show "The Voice". View More..

Rossdale never thought he would get divorced from Stefani

    Updated On : Mar 03,2017   5:20 am
Los Angeles, March 3 (IANS) Musician Gavin Rossdale says he never thought he would get divorced from singer Gwen Stefani. View More..

Blake Shelton 'most incredible guy? for Gwen Stefani

    Updated On : Feb 23,2017   5:20 am
Los Angeles, Feb 23 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani has gushed over her 'love Blake Shelton by saying that he is the "most incredible guy". View More..

Gwen Stefani takes Blake Shelton to Disneyland

    Updated On : Feb 17,2017   2:42 am
Los Angeles, Feb 17 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani took country music star and beau Blake Shelton to Disneyland here. View More..

Rossdale opens up about 'incredible' moments with Stefani

    Updated On : Jan 23,2017   1:10 pm
Los Angeles, Jan 23 (IANS) Musician Gavin Rossdale says he and singer Gwen Stefani were together for a "lovely 20 years" and that in itself is "pretty incredible". View More..

Gwen Stefani sued for $25 mn

    Updated On : Jan 14,2017   5:30 pm
Los Angeles, Jan 14 (IANS) Gwen Stefani's former hairstylist Richard Morrill is reportedly suing the singer for $25 million, claiming she stole his lyrics for the 2014 hit song "Spark the fire". View More..

Gwen Stefani selling Beverly Hills mansion

    Updated On : Jan 12,2017   2:42 am
Los Angeles, Jan 12 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani is selling her Beverly Hills mansion that she brought with former husband Gavin Rossdale. View More..

Gwen Stefani named Revlon's new face

    Updated On : Jan 03,2017   5:20 am
Los Angeles, Jan 3 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani is joining Revlon as their latest global ambassador. View More..

Blake Shelton to propose to Gwen Stefani?

    Updated On : Dec 20,2016   2:42 am
Los Angeles, Dec 20 (IANS) Singer Blake Shelton has reportedly been shopping for diamond jewellery for his engagement to singer Gwen Stefani. View More..

Blake Shelton joins Gwen Stefani, her sons on road trip

    Updated On : Dec 12,2016   1:32 pm
Los Angeles, Dec 12 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani and her beau Blake Shelton are enjoying family bonding time before the Christmas holidays by going on a road trip. View More..

My music eased my pain: Gwen Stefani

    Updated On : Nov 06,2016   12:58 pm
Los Angeles, Nov 6 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani believes the new music she worked on following her split from husband Gavin Rossdale was a "Band Aid from God". View More..

Love to be part of animated version of Indian epics: Kunal Nayyar

    Updated On : Nov 04,2016   12:28 pm
Chennai, Nov 4 (IANS) British-Indian actor Kunal Nayyar, who is a huge fan of animated films, thinks it will be cool and fun to be part of a full-blown animated version of Indian epics Ramayana or Mahabharata. View More..

'Trolls': Bright and cheerfully appealing (IANS Review, Rating: ***)

    Updated On : Nov 03,2016   6:06 pm
Film: "Trolls"; Directors: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn; Cast: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Christine Baranski, Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani, John Cleese, James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor; Rating: *** View More..

Stefani to return to 'The Voice' for season 12

    Updated On : Oct 19,2016   6:16 am
Los Angeles, Oct 19 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani will return as a coach on the twelfth season of the singing reality show "The Voice". View More..

Gavin Rossdale wants to 'move on' after marrige split

    Updated On : Oct 10,2016   6:26 am
Los Angeles, Oct 10 (IANS) Musician Gavin Rossdale says it's time to put his marriage breakdown with singer Gwen Stefani in the past. View More..

Gwen Stefani's 'magical' moment with children

    Updated On : Sep 25,2016   6:56 am
Los Angeles, Sep 25 (IANS) Singer Gwen Stefani says it was a magical moment for her to take her three sons -- Kingston, Zuma and Apollo -- on a tour for the first time. View More..

Britney Spears ready to collaborate with Justin Timberlake

    Updated On : Aug 29,2016   1:56 pm
Los Angeles, Aug 29 (IANS) Singer Britney Spears wants to record a song with her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake and says she would also love to collaborate with Steven Tyler and Gwen Stefani. View More..

Blake Shelton slammed over racist tweets

    Updated On : Aug 15,2016   12:26 pm
Los Angeles, Aug 15 (IANS) Blake Shelton has come under fire from fans after they stumbled across numerous offensive tweets made by the singer. View More..